? Improve the UI

I know that DevonTech is a small team. I know it’s complicated and difficult. I know and value your products and use them every day. I appreciate you. You are all great and fantastic.

…but…a bit of feedback meant in the spirit of trying to help…The UI of DTTG needs improvement and in my opinion is not very good to look at. Everything is too small. If you want to add a document the options are written in small text at the top of the screen…

A good guide is what 1Password did in terms of UI with their latest.

I know its difficult. Think of this has help from a critical friend.

It is possible to make the UI font a bit larger in the settings:

I find that DT follows most native macOS apps (for example Finder), which, in my opinion it should. I do find the default fonts when editing text documents too small, but you can also change this in the settings.

Thank you for the feedback. One or two screenshots showing the pain points from your perspective would be helpful.

Well let’s start with this screen.

The text is too small, I can’t reach it on my phone easily. I have put an arrow in where there is too much white space.

The actual Home Screen from me is over two pages. I have to scroll down to get to the databases. The text seems too small to me.

An idea would be to have a widget approach where the user can rearrange the widgets on the screen and remove or collapse ones they don’t use.

I would prefer to move my databases to the top of the home screen where I can get to them but there is no way of doing this.

The text size is the default text size as for all apps. Have you considered changing the system-wide text size which DEVONthink To Go should honor?

I don’t that is correct.

The system wide text size does apply to the contextual menu but makes no difference to the two screens I have shown above

You are correct. That’s a bug. Noted.

To be honest, I prefer avoiding widgets and like what they have done.