Improved sync scheduling

I have a pair of machines set up to sync a few databases through Dropbox. One is a desktop at home and another a work laptop that goes where I do. Currently, if a computer is asleep at the time of a scheduled DT sync, then that sync is just missed.

That’s not a huge problem with the desktop which can be scheduled to be awake at sync time. However, the laptop may or may not be open and awake at any given time, and that means a lot of days it just doesn’t sync. I could schedule hourly, but that’s excessive and is likely to lead to sync collisions (a problem I see others are having). A better solution (that also addresses syncs missed due to sync collisions) would be to have DT sync immediately on wake if it missed a scheduled sync time (or retry some period after failure due to collision). Not a very hard thing to add I would guess, but a feature addition nonetheless.


Options for Sync include “After opening database” and “Before closing database”. Some combination, or both, of those options should get you close to the same point. Combine the “After opening…” sync setting with including DEVONthink in the Login Items for your user on the laptop, then DEVONthink would launch when you boot up and kick off the sync. Make sure that DEVONthink > Preferences > General > Startup is set to Open windows that were open on quit so that the database you want to sync is launched when DEVONthink starts up.

Nope. My machines sleep, but almost never get rebooted, and DevonThink is running all the time. With your solution, I’ll get a sync maybe once a month.