Improving Reveal

When I am in a search list and I “Reveal” an item of it, something just broke: there’s no way I can get back to the search list in the state it was: the same list, with the same document selected.

I know I can reveal in new window, through contextual menu, yet …

A few suggestions :

  • make the “< >” arrows top-left of the “listview panel” work with search, meaning every “search results list” would be another step in the history of the panel so that after revealing I then could get back to the search.
  • assign SHIFT+CMD+R to “Reveal in new window”

Kind regards

This shortcut is already used to show the ruler, Cmd-Alt-R is also already used.

The next release will support this.


This is why this software is so good.


What about CTRL+CMD+R ?
Also it feels really weird that reveal in new window is only avail from contextual menus when pressing ALT and not from the Data menu. Intended?

That’s already used too, see Tools > Rotate Right.

So far it is as this command is only relevant for search, see also and classify results.

Continuity vs Coherence, i know the struggle.