In 3.9.1, a "Move To" in "See Also & Classify" no longer focuses the next item

this is a disruption, because I’m used to shoveling a bunch of items into the inbox (from my email sweep), then running through those items and often I could hit ctl-c a bunch of times because DT was picking the correct group to put the item in, and then the next item remaining in the DT inbox would automatically be focused. but now, nothing has the focus after I hit ctl-c. is there some way I can bring back the previous behavior, where the next item automatically gets the focus?

I am not seeing that behavior here.
If a document is classified, i.e., moved out of the current location, the next document is automatically selected.

What operating system are you running?

I notice the same thing with me: After moving - I do this by double-clicking on the suggested group - no further document is selected: macOS 13.4, DTP 3.9.1.

Which view (icons, list, columns) do you use?

Are the items classified inside the same database or to another one?

For reasons of discretion, I only showed the inbox of the database “Privat” on the picture. But the problem only occurs with items in the Global Inbox, which are then classified to different databases.

I am not seeing any issue with the next file being selected after classifying the previous one.
I’m in List view, classifying from the Global Inbox into another database.

On Ventura - M1 Air.

I’m in list view. m1 air. ventura 13.3.1. moving from global inbox to other databases. it happens to me whether I use the hotkey (ctl-c), or press the “Move To ^C” button (I wasn’t aware you could double click the target group but I tried that and also have nothing in focus after doing it that way too)

another note; I have my list of inboxes collapsed, and I’ve selected that. although everything happens to be in the global inbox, I guess I’m basically selecting all inboxes at once without thinking about it (but this is what I’ve always done)

aha! I opened up the list of inboxes on the left, selected only the global inbox, and now it works (next item is selected after classifying an item). so I have my workaround

Yes, this workaround works for me, too! But in the past this also worked with the collapses list of inboxes.

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Development will have to assess this behavior. We do suggest being more precise in your selections though. If you want to deal with items in the Global Inbox, you should select it specifically.

Note: The current version of Ventura is 13.4. You should stay current with the operating system and our point releases.

agreed. I don’t think I’ve ever had the inboxes not collapsed together until just now :slight_smile:

ya, I acknowledge I got lucky in this case that the bug was happening in multiple versions of ventura. I’ve gotten spoiled, though, now that the memory manager bugs in MacOS which started in the summer of 2021 have finally been fixed, I’ve gotten used to almost never rebooting again! I should get this update though soon, I know it fixes security issues in MacOS

We suggest rebooting devices, both Mac and mobile, at least once a week. There is no prize for the longest uptime and a reboot removes temporary files and often mitigates any gremlin’s misbehavior on your system.

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It’s recommended by many (do a search on the interweb), including Apple, to re-boot macOS devices … once a week is what I do. There are things that macOS does on shutdown and then restart that are done for the benefit of the machine. If you dig on the interweb you can probably find details, if this needed to help convince you.

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I should at least install updates as soon as they come out. the friction of closing DT, all my screen sessions, and open macvim windows and then after reboot having to unlock my ssh key, restart screen, and put my open safari windows back on the spaces I want them to be in is what holds me back. it’s convenient to not reboot. aside from the dark days of that macOS memory bug (“Out of Application Memory” after only a few days) it’s not caused me trouble besides delaying software updates

And you miss all the “good” things a restart (stop then go again) does for your computer. Clearly up to you.


The next release will fix this issue.