In Desperate Need of HELP!! Database initialization error!!!

I had instructed DT to import a large amount of files which I knew was going to take some time, so I headed off to have some dinner while the export was occurring…upon returning back to my computer, I noticed that DT had crashed, and the generic Mac Finder crash dialog box was visible on my screen (i.e. DT has unexpectedly crashed… - Ignore, Send to Apple?)

I subsequently went to reopen my main DT database that had just crashed and almost immediately after doing so, I get a message on my screen saying,

It says this every time I open the database that has just crashed, so as far as I know there is no way to verify and/or optimize the database…because it won’t open!!

Can someone please email em back about this ASAP with a little help as to what I can do now to salvage my database and get it back up and running quickly!!

I know this dialog. I guess it is simply about a lock flag inside the database to prevent two instances of the program manipulating the same database (e.g. in a multi-user environment).

In my expirience there is a button saying something like “open anyway”, which you can safely click in your circumstance since the previous instance crashed / is not running anymore.

After that everything return to normal for me.


PS: Backup, Backup, Backup, Backup, Backup!

I can confirm what Sven said, Christian “himself” instructed me to ignore the message.


If the database still doesn’t open when you click the Ignore button, send a message to us at Support (Help > Support).

Please describe what happened, and which version Of DEVONthink you are using.

We can walk you through recovery of your database as of the most recent backup.

Not really sure why I didn’t try clicking on the ignore button the instead of just clicking on the OK button, but I did so this time around and it opened right up without any problems…Thanks for everyone’s support…