In File>Database Properties - Exclude Groups from Tagging

I was wondering how people prefer using this option:

File>Database Properties - Exclude Groups from Tagging

or is preferrable to have groups included as Tags. This option really changes my DB. I think I just prefer the first option and tag things as I prefer.

Any thoughts?

I think you answered your own question. ;^)

Things like this are very much a matter of personal preference, so I would suggest you stick with what makes sense or feels right for you. Cheers!

Thanks. That makes sense. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something however, I do find you can approach DTPO from different angles with a variety of results. I guess what I need to do is just go with what seems the best for me. I sure do find this program complicated though. You wouldn’t believe the amount of stuff I’ve read on using DTPO and the videos I’ve watched and I still don’t feel like I’ve got a handle on the program - or maybe i do and just haven’t realized it yet.