In he process of setting up a NAS - Why shouldn't I put my DEVONthink database on it?

So I just got a Synology NAS with the idea of making it the home for all my images and data. I would set up a backup strategy following the 3-2-1 rule to make it the safest home possible for the things that matter most in my life - and I would love to make my DEVONthink database a part of it.

I read a few times, that it is not recommended to put my database on a NAS (similar to a cloud) - but never why? Has it to do with performance or can it break the database and endanger it somehow?

It would be a database that is accessed very infrequently and I don’t really care how fast the search or other features would work. I would also access it through my home network from 2 different computers and don’t care about remote access.

What could happen, if I’d use my NAS as the location my database lives? If there’s even remotely danger to corrupting anything, I’d obviously look for a different way.

Thank you!

I’m sure others can give you all the technical reasons, but I know it’s not recommended.

I can tell you that I setup WebDAV on my synology and my sync store markedly improved and has had no issues, where I was having occasional issues with iCloud.

I keep my DT archives in my synology as well, and I do a weekly or monthly complete export from Devonthink to my synology so I have the files in traditional folder structure outside of the database.

Doesn’t answer directly your question, but it’s how I use my synology.

There is. You’d have to auto-mount the NAS location via SMB or NFS. And in my experience, these mounts tend to go away on macOS for no apparent reason – not like on Linux where the network subsystem works very well and is extremely stable.

When a share goes away and is reinstated on macOS, it’s sometimes mounted under a slightly different name, like Volume-1 instead of Volume.

I never feel comfortable with mounts on macOS. They mind of work most of the time. Which, in my opinion, is not good enough for important data.

Great info, thank you! I like your setup I might copy parts of it:)

That makes sense, thank you!

Welcome @Markus_r_b

The admonition is generally based on performance but also as @chrillek mentioned, the vagaries of networked volumes should be considered. If you are connected via gigabit Ethernet, the experience should be acceptable and more robust, but over WiFi (or worse, VPN) we don’t suggest it.

That being said, in your particular instance, with a infrequently used database, you may be okay… again, we still suggest Ethernet. :wink:

Thank you so much for your insights! I think I understand the limitations I’ll face when storing my database on a NAS:)

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

Look into an app that keeps your shares mounted. Here are a couple solutions that have been around a while and known to work well

The fact these application exist underscores the reason we don’t suggest keeping databases on an NAS or mounted server volume :wink: