In the service of getting files off DTTG 2 and into DTPO 3

Ok so I still have 122 files on DTTG 2.7.9 (16486), which has been acting odd lately. ( I’m on an Iphone 14 iOS 16.6.)

Specifically, DTTG 2 has tended to quit on its own, early and often. The count on the inbox registers alternately 0 and 122, and the view alternates of its own accord between tile and list. Perusing the forum I now see it’s not advised to run DTTG 2 and 3 on the same device – but inertia prevailed when, despite activating unify inboxes when I bought DTTG 3, no unification took place.

DTTG 3 has been working great, so I’d love at this point get the files off DTTG 2 into DTPO 3 and get rid of DTTG 2. Because of the aforementioned erratic behavior air dropping files onto my mac and adding them to DTPO 3 is very cumbersome, so I thought I would reach out and see if anyone had any thoughts.

I know it’s late in the game for such a question, mea culpa for any missteps on my part.

Thanks - JM

This is just a user interface setting (like the same one on the Mac). After running DEVONthink To Go 3 for the first time, it should actually use a copy of the current databases (including the inbox) of DEVONthink To Go 2. Did you still use version 2 afterwards and add documents to it?

Anyway, the easiest possibility is probably to enable incoming Bonjour connections (see Preferences > Sync) on your Mac and then connect DEVONthink To Go 2 to the Bonjour server and sync the global inbox once. This should merge the inbox in both directions.

Yeah, went on using DTTG 2 after uploading DTTG 3, and yes, adding docs. Ok thanks, will try via Bonjour. Best — JM