In which way works classify automatic

I hope the subjects in header is clear defined.

I test DTPO_2.

I create a folder named recipe with 4 subfolders fish, beaf, vegetables, fruit.

In folder fish I store a rtf with 4 different type of fishes.

Schellfisch, Heilbutt, Flunder, Kabeljau (German words)

In entrance box of the database I have 4 rtf with different content on base of recipes.

In one rtf I have the words

Fische, Muscheln, Krebs, Krabben. (German words).

My thinking of AI is mayby simple.
I thougth if I use the command “classify automatic” the rtf should move automatic to the right folder fish
But nothing happens ;-(

If I put in rtf in entrance box the same words as in database it also don’t work. ???
In protocoll I see only the info that nothing worked.

Mayby I don’t understand the workflow or I use a wrong things.

Can someone help me.


I found the solution with my brain :wink:

In DTPO_2 I have 4 databases to test.
One is open, three are used but not open.
The new document is in global entrance box.
I must switch the document to entrance box of open database before I can use the AI.


DEVONthink Pro 2 does not yet support see also & classify across multiple databases but this will be part of an upcoming revision.

Thanks, I hope it comes in 2.xx and not in 3.xx :laughing: