Inactivate URL in URL field

I would prefer the URL from a “Take Rich Note” operation be inactive. Or, perhaps allow a way to make it inactive.

I did find that I can ctrl-cmd click on the name of the note and get copy the URL which is pretty slick. But, I still would like to deactivate URL’s in the URL field.

Not sure what exactly you want to deactivate but you can of course remove/edit URLs via the Info panel or the URL column.

I’m referring to the URL field at the top of the edit window in the vertical split view. Clicking once on that URL will launch my web browser.

I know that I can remove the URL from the Info panel, but that does require extra steps.

So I would like to be able to disable the URL in the URL field, or perhaps set it so a double-click will launch the browser rather than the existing single-click.

BTW, my workflow now is “Select All” in browser window. “Take Rich Note” ( shift-cmd-) ). In DEVONthink, hightlight the new title in the title column, do a ctr-cmd-c and then paste the URL in the bottom of the edit window.

That way I have the source URL in the document in case I export it.