Inbox as a "normal" database?

Good day dear Devonthink user,

is it possible to use Devonthink WITHOUT a database?
So only the input? I can tag data in it, that would be quite enough for me.
Is that possible and would I have disadvantages with any functions?

And maybe another question: the input is in the library under “Inbox”. Is it possible to save the input in another place?

Many thanks and best regards

While it might be technically possible, I think it is not encouraged. The whole idea of DT is to keep you data organized. If you want to keep it all in one huge heap, why not use Finder? That has tags, too.

Thank you for the answer.
Yes, I know that the Finder also has tags.

My wife has got used to Devonthink, scans everything she works on there and tags it and leaves everything in the inbox. She gets along very well this way and a.) doesn’t want to change anything and b.) doesn’t want to work with the Finder .-)

So I just want to know if there is anything technically wrong with it, if functions are restricted in the inbox or if everything is like in a database. Actually, the input is nothing different, except that the database is in the library. Or am I seeing this wrong?

Many thanks and best regards

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Afaik, the inbox is just another database. You can also have groups in it and all that.

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@chrillek: brain 1.0 as the free version or the paid version? .-)

The pre-installed one. I wasn’t really there when they delivered it, so dint

No, the Inbox location can not be moved
Other databases can be moved out of the default folder

Welcome @BMG41239

The Global Inbox is a database, just like others you create. While you can use it as your only database, we encourage people to use it for transient or unfiled data and create other databases for more specific uses.

Thank you all for your adviced and hints.
This helped a lot, so I can go on planning and working.


You’re welcome :slight_smile: