Inbox.dBase2 using way too much disk space / size (2023)

I am aware that this topic has been raised multiple times, but a) I didn’t find any solution to resolve the issue and b) most of the posts I’ve found are old/outdated.

Here we go again:

  • DEVONthink 3 Version 3.9.2 on latest macOS
  • Syncing via iCloud (CloudKit)
  • Local size of database (.sparseimage): 53,35 GB

Size of /Users/me/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink 3/Indbox.dBase2 is 213,4 GB.

Multiple File > Verify & Repair and File > Optimize Database runs have changed nothing.

So here is the question again: Why is this bundle taking up such a vast amount of my disk space? How can I get rid of it or optimize it?

This issue has been around for years and I’d love to see DEVONtechnologies finally addressing it.

It’s not an issue. You’re misunderstanding the situation.

  • Local size of database (.sparseimage): 53,35 GB

Please clarify what this is referring to. The Global Inbox is not an encrypted database.

It’s the file revealed when I right-click my database and select “Show in Finder”. My database is listed in the sidebar in the “Open Databases” section. (I’m not sure what the “Rottmann-Family” item under Globals > Inboxes is? Right-clicking on Inboxes and selecting Database Properties reveals the .sparseimage path.

You are correct, this is confusing. Can you shine some light on it?

You are reporting the issue is with the Global Inbox’s size in the Finder, so the Rottman-Family database is unrelated since it’s a separate database.

Did you read the blog post I linked? That clarifies the meaning of each size.

(I’m not sure what the “Rottmann-Family” item under Globals > Inboxes is?

Have you read the Windows > Sidebar: Navigate section of the built-in Help or manual?

I am familiar with the documentation but now it makes even less sense to me. I keep EVERYTHING in the Rottmann-Family database. So why is the Global Inboxes database 4 x the size even with no items in it at all?

Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket.