Inbox folder (in finder) stopped working

I frequently use the inbox folder in Finder to quickly add new PDFs to DEVONthink. Also, my scanner is configured to place scanned documents into that folder to auto-import them into the DB.

However, today that inbox folder stopped working: I can put documents inside the folder, and they stay inside the folder until I restart DEVONthink.
On application start, all documents are imported once, but after that, new documents stay in the Finder folder without being imported to my DB. When I restart the application again, pending documents are imported again, and so on.

  • Restarting DEVONthink does not solve the problem.
  • I’ve checked if the Add-on “Global Inbox in save dialogs” is installed, and it is.
  • I’ve tried to restart the Mac several times, unsuccessfully.
  • The Protocol window does not display any errors (or anything at all) when adding items to the inbox folder

As mentioned, the Inbox worked from the first installation (4 weeks ago) until ~8 hours ago.

What else can I try to restore the Inbox workflow?


Which version of macOS do you use?

Hi @cgrunenberg - tonight my Mac updated to Big Sur 11.5.1, and now the automatic import is working again! I’m not sure why, but somehow the update restored the import.