Inbox going wild with PDFs


I recently dropped 3 PDFs in Devonthink’s Finder Inbox, but when I opened DT (Devonthink Professional Office all three files where missing. A log window appeared which stated that these PDFs had ‘no text’.

The files themselves are vanished from their original folder (that’s the desired behaviour, I prefer DT as a container for all files put in it).

Is there maybe any way to get my files back? And why seems DT have mangled the PDFs when importing them?

Hoping for help

Is the left Sidebar, which holds the Global Inbox, visible?

If not, choose View > Show Sidebar. Select ‘Inbox’ in the Sidebar. Are your PDFs there?

Yes, of course I went straight to the Global Inbox when I saw the log message, those files were nowhere to find. I even started a search after them, in vain.

The same happened with a PDF I throwed into the sorter, BTW.

All those files were perfectly readable.