Inbox Icons to custom

I’ve tried everything and looked everywhere but it seems I cannot change the icons for inbox, tags, and trash. I was able to change the database icons to emojis but is there anyway to change the top 3? they need color!

Screen Shot 2020-10-03 at 7.00.20 PM

You can change them just like any other thumbnail in Inspector > General.

  • Copy an image
  • Click the thumbnail in the Inspector
  • Paste

If you want to colorize them (instead of replacing them with an image) use this Script: Colorize DEVONthink Icons.

To use it you need to install ImageMagick, e.g. via Homebrew.

As I can tell from your previous posts you really like your DEVONthink with custom colors, so I think this script is exactly what you’re looking for as it allows to colorize any DEVONthink record (groups, smart groups etc.).

Ill try it out! thanks! and yes aha im all about colors

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