Inbox issue since last update

Hello everyone!

Since the last update from the week end my scanned documents do not appear in my inbox anymore. Instead a copy is saved in a documents folder that i have never chosen.

My setup

Macbook pro
Devonthink pro office
Fujitsu scansnap ix500
Scandnap manager

I would like to be able to send my scanned documebts into my database inbox, and i do not need a copy saved anywhere else on my hard drive.

In the scansnap Manager i have found an option on where to save the scanned document but i dont know if this where i should tell scansnap to save it to the inbox rather than to the hard disk. If that is the parameter i must modify, i do not know the adress, or the directory of my inbox to inscribe in thi box…

As a second question, do people with my configuration us scansnap ocr program or is everyone using the abbyy finereader that also come with scansnap?

Thank you very much for your expertise and help!

Up to now devonthink pro office was the perfect ocr + filing system for me and i would love to have ot work again in my palerless office!

Do not configure ScanSnap Manager to save output files to the Inbox location in the Finder. Why? Because the files will not be there, but are moved to your Global Inbox without OCR.

Look at the Destination options in DTPO Preferebces > Import.

Thanks !

Weird issue that has resolved when i modified the our software in the scansnap manager software…

I wonder if people usually use the scansnap our or the abbyy one, and when using baby our how to set it so that oct’d pdfs end up in the devonthink pro office inbox…

Thanks !