Inbox names

Hi all,

I have two databases running - Obviously both have an ‘Inbox’

Is it possible to rename the Inbox, to make it easier to drag documents to the right one in the Sorter?

At the moment I have three buckets called “Inbox”


Is it correct that you can’t auto sort from Global into folders in the other databases?



That’s not possible at the moment.

Not yet but a future release will support this.

Thanks for the prompt reply - Appreciated.

If I understand the OP correctly, this is actually possible. The Global Inbox cannot be renamed, as far as I know. However, discrete database inboxes can be renamed. Simply select the inbox and rename it as you would any other folder in your database. Example below.

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 15.42.40.png

You’re right, I’m sorry :blush: This was blocked some time ago but it’s possible now.

Thanks Kinsey - Would that renamed inbox then sync to my other machine via the Dropbox sync I have set-up?

I discovered this back when trying to achieve exactly what the OP is trying. Less useful now that I no longer use the sorter.

OP, I’ve found that setting up a folder on the desktop with the Import to Selected Group script attached much more useful than the Sorter. This allows you to add more granularity to your selection of which folder within the database you wish to add the document to. Of course, dragging to inboxes in the sorter might be the better method when importing a lot of files in one go.

Edit: I’ve just been alerted to your new post. I’m afraid I can’t help you with sync. I don’t use it, but there are a lot of threads here about syncing that might be worth a look at. My impression is that cloud syncing is simply not reliable enough yet. Bearing in mind that forums are usually places where people come to ask questions or seek help with problems, I’ve noticed quite a few threads about sync issues.

The best and easiest way to sync between two machines is to keep your databases on a flash drive. With Devonthink installed on your separate macs, you can simply plug in the flashdrive and have the most up to date version of your database available immediately. But that might not be best for you, and I’ll let others advise on best sync practise.

The problem with this option is that it is not going to be backed up by TimeMachine. Having a backup on the flash drive is fine. Syncing to a Local syncStore on the flash drive is very good too as it allows you to have a portable Sync Location for that more than one machine can Sync to when plugged in.

Hi Guys - Love the idea of using a Flash Drive for the DB (and obviously backing it up!)…

Can I assume I move my existing DBs to a drive, delete one both machines, and then “re-start” DT, using the DB on the flash drive?

Great idea.


Yikes! Cold shudders up my spine. :open_mouth:

I wouldn’t go putting my data on a flash drive and deleting it from the machines. Use the “sync store on flash drive” method that Jim mentioned.

(I love my data so much I make 5 different backups a day in to 5 distinct physical locations. :unamused: )

Without wishing to divert from the local syncstore option mentioned (always listen to the experts), but can Time Machine not be set up to also back up external drives? If not, I need to rethink part of my backup strategy …

TimeMachine does not back up connected drives (or servers - can you imagine?!?! :open_mouth: )

Hmm. I have an external hard drive regularly attached to my laptop. I set up Time Machine’s preferences to include a back up of that hard drive (and indeed some folders in another regularly attached external hard drive). The files on that drive don’t show up when I ‘enter’ Time Machine, but they are present in the Backups.backupdb folder when the Time Machine hard drive is viewed in Finder. I can open the files from there. Seems to me that an external hard drive can be and is backed up by Time Machine.

I have up to 7 mounted drives at any given time and none of them appear in the Backups.backupdb on the TimeMachine volume or the local MobileBackups.

I have also set no custom exclusions in TimeMachine prefs.

External drives are excluded by default in TM preferences. If you remove them from the excluded list in TM preferences - using the Options… button - they will be backed up. And they actually are available once you ‘enter’ TM too, I was wrong about that.

More here:

That’s very strange because, as you can see, I have several drives mounted and none but the backup drive shows up in the exclusion list…

Aha… mystery solved (and learned something new)… since the other drives are served over my network (ie. there’s a share point in the middle of it all), they aren’t seen. I plugged two into my Mac and voila! They are there in the exclusion list (or inclusion lsit, if you prefer to remove them! Haha!)

Apple still never ceases to amaze me (and usually in good ways still!) Good discussion, @kinsey! :smiley:

Glad the mystery is solved. What did those poor files do to end up in Purgatory? :smiley:

:smiley: It’s an old standard of mine from waaaay back. When I got my first backup drive I thought, “I need a good name. Hmm… this isn’t supposed to be ‘permanent’ storage. It’s just temporary - in case I need ‘em - and… 'Purgatory’ !” Incidentally, I did have a group of externals named after famous prisons as well. 8) :mrgreen: