Inbox or/and Groups


I have a question regarding classification.

Right now , i scan my stuff and i add everything into the DB Inbox.
additionaly , i’ve made Groups and subgroups which are smartgroups, and i’ve tagged the Smartgroups in such way ,that the correct documents are replicated in those smartgroups.

Now, is this the correct way to do it , or should i move my data from the Inbox into the different groups/smartgroups ?

What is the best way to work with this ?

Thanks a lot …

I think there’s probably no “correct” or “best way” to organize your documents. You could read lots of advice in the forum (it appears there are almost 7,400 postings about “group”), but I’d suggest the best way is the way that makes sense for you and that works. “Works” means, you can find connections in your data that you didn’t expect, or you can find data quickly when you need it, or, simply, that seems to be sensible to you. If you don’t like it one way, then try another.

Reading about other users experience is useful. Browsing the forum is useful. Joe Kissell’s book on DEVONthink is useful.

Some readers like to keep a small Inbox and quickly move documents into groups or other databases. Others tend to keep lots of documents in their inboxes. IMO, it doesn’t matter.