Inbox tagging - only keyboard

Hi there,

I would like to work through my Inbox, especially to rename documents and tag them. Hope I haven’t just overlooked already documented stuff.

After scanning a pile of paper I go to my Inbox. Middle part of DT window shows current group (Inbox) in list view with preview on the bottom half. Show Tags is active, so I can see document tags at the very bottom beneath the preview.

What I would like to to:

  1. press Ctrl-Enter to edit tags for currently selected document
  2. press a key combination to return focus to document in document list
  3. use down arrow to move focus to next document in list

My Problem: i haven’t found a key combination for 2.

Any help/info appreciated.

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It depends on the number of panes in the current window, but Control-Tab (and Shift-Control-Tab) cycles through them.

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Ah, yes. It’s that easy.

Bluefrog == hero :wink:

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Thanks! :slight_smile: