Inboxes & Mobile Sync

I know that for some reason you cannot sync the inboxes of individual databases using mobile sync.

Is there a workaround for this? I thought I’d seen something somewhere, but can’t find it now.



What I do is put the documents in the inbox into a group that’s inside that inbox, then replicate that group to the Sync group for that database.

(Yes, you will say this seems pointless, and it is. But it works.)

I do the same work-around. Has anyone brought this to the developers’ attention? Any response about when a more elegant solution might someday be available?

Yes, we are currently working on new sync code that should be more flexible when selecting which items to sync. This will be in beta for DEVONthink soon. After we test it with DEVONthink, we will be bringing it to DEVONthink To Go as well.

I just got DTTG & installed on both iPad and iPhone. On iPhone I only get chance to link to complete databases or the universal inbox. On iPad, I can choose “Sync Inbox”–is this right? I surely don’t want to have to keep shifting documents that I want synced around and in and out of different databases to keep them the same, and I don’t want an entire database on my iPhone (space issues, for one). Am I missing something?


DTtG will only sync the documents that you put in the Mobile Sync group of the databases-it does not sync the entire database by default. You’ll want to read the Getting Started guide by clicking on the help icon (?) on the main screen to get an idea how the syncing works.

I [i]did[i] read the Getting Started guide, and I tested it out on my iPad. But when I opened the iPhone, the UI looked different–or I thought it did–and I was afraid test it and wind up syncing my entire database. Bottom line: I was lazy, I panicked, and I wrote a noob unnecessary question to the panel. Sorry!

Thanks for your quick response!