Include/Exclude Groups/Databases in Search/Smart Rules

Currently, there is no option to include/exclude groups or databases in search results/smart rules. It would be great to have this.

This was another feature along with ability to search folders in Sorter that I thought “it is so obvious that you don’t even have to ask for it” but apparently I’m wrong again.

So, I’ll appreciate if you consider this.

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The request is noted but no promises. It’s not something so simply done.

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I vote for this as well.

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There are already two options:

  1. Groups & documents can be excluded from the search (and smart groups/rules) via the Info > Generic inspector

  2. By specifying a search scope it’s possible to limit the results to a certain database/group (and optionally its subgroups).

Especially the second option is more powerful than it might appear, e.g. by replicating a bunch of groups to a new group and then setting the search scope of smart groups/rules to this new group it’s possible to limit the results to the replicated groups.

Thanks for the reply.

For #1: Until I make a search I don’t know which groups I should include or exclude. So, unfortunately this does not help me.

For #2: I knew that I could select search scope for databases and groups, but I can’t do that for smart groups or smart rules. Please let me know if I’m mistaken.

Thanks again.

See Search in pop-up menu in smart groups/rules editor.

I know that I can select a single group, but what I need is selecting multiple groups from different databases. Can I do that?

No, that’s not possible. Only multiple groups in one database by replicating the groups to one new group.

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Another possible workaround is to enable inherited tags (see File > Database Properties), then add a unique tag to the groups you want to search (no matter in which database) and finally use a smart group/rule condition for this tag.

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These are good suggestions, and they will work for me. Thanks for that.

But I don’t think average users search and find those suggestions and use them in their workflows, so I believe DEVONthink should implement my suggestions if they want to provide good UX.

It’s indeed planned for future releases.

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