Include WhatsApp messages in DSE Index

Hello everyone,
Does anyone know if there’s a way to add WhatsApp messages to DSE’s indexing? I’ve long been looking for an application that can find messages from across multiple channels (email, SMS, WhatsApp etc) as so much work communication gets fragmented and then hard to find.
It would make it a perfect search tool for me. And if anyone’s found a way to do this it’d be great to know.
Many thanks

In which folder and format are these messages actually stored?

Therein lies the problem I suspect. As far as I can see, WhatsApp accesses messages on its own servers via your mobile phone, without downloading to the local computer. That said, if you disconnect your phone from WhatsApp, the most recently viewed messages on the computer remain visible, so something must be retained in cache somewhere.
There is a way to export chats into PDF or Excel via iMazing, so I’ll test that and see what DSE manages to find.

Yup, the workaround is to backup WhatsApp messages via iMazing to either PDF or Excel. Then they appear in the DSE search results.