Inclusion of notes in summary of highlights


I’m playing around with summarise highlights.
Specifically, I note that no notes I add to the highlights are included in the document produced.

Interestingly, when I open the document in PDF Expert and then get it to ‘Export annotation summary’ the notes are included.

Are there any plans to add this feature to Devonthink. It would be very useful for me in working with pdfs inside of Devonthink.

Specifically, what I’m trying to do is to be able to read and annotate a text - including my summary of the key points and my thoughts (within the notes). Then I’d export a summary of this and use it to create notes on that file.

I can see that you’re adding a number of features to make DT more compatible with Zettlekasten / second brain methodology, and to me this would be a wonderful step in that direction.

Thanks for all your work DT and DTTG. They’re both cornerstones in my workflow / research methodology.



This is a byproduct, not necessarily an intentional thing. Zettelkasten and the so-called “second brain” ideas are not everyone’s cup of tea. We are adding features that are broadly useful to our user base and this may benefit the groups you mentioned as well.


Just tried this and it works as expected in case of notes added to highlights via the Document > Annotations inspector. Which app did you use to add the notes?

Sincere apologies, you’ve right.

The notes are included in the summary, below the highlight.

A couple of follow up questions:

a) is there anyway to select ‘just notes’ or ‘just highlights’ in the summary?
b) would it be possible to include in the summary the colour of the highlight? I know this might seem petty to some people, but I’m trying to systemise the highlighting so that one the first pass through I capture as much information as possible.
c) - and I’m aware this is asking a lot - would there be any way to specify which highlights are included In the summary - by colour.

I realise this may just be me, but it seems that the addition of the above would make really powerful use of what already exists in the app.

I am aware though that there are many, many competing claims on limited resources and what I’m asking for is 'not everyone’s cup of tea :slight_smile:

This isn’t possible.

Which format do you use? Only rich text summaries support this, the Markdown format doesn’t support it.

Ok - thanks for the response. I can see what I need in the rich text summary. Now it’s just a matter of getting that information out of the summary into separate files.

You might wanna check out Highlights. The free version of this app can do the things you listed in point b and it can sort by color.

Hi chrk - I found out that liquid text lets me choose whether or not to include notes, or to have an export that only consists of notes. So yet again the interoperability of DT comes to the rescue!!!

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The Documents > Annotations inspector can be also sorted and selected annotations can be copied to the clipboard. This might be useful too.

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I just started using the Summary Highlights feature in DT.

Since the colors can be assigned text other than the color’s name (preferences > colors > highlighting), maybe adding the name/label to the annotation in the markdown summary is possible. Obviously the user can choose a color that is not one of the highlighting colors, but if it is one of them I think that would be helpful.

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A mockup of what you’re describing could be helpful.