Incoming links not recognized from e-mails?

I’m using this script to replace attachments in e-mails with DT links. I noticed that those DT links (added by editing the .eml file) don’t show up in the Incoming Links section of the target item (an attachment imported into DT).

At first I thought this might be because I edited the .eml file post-import. But some testing showed that also when the DT link is in the e-mail on import (with a Test database) it doesn’t show an Incoming Link in the target item.

Is this intended behavior (are e-mails not scanned for possible incoming / outgoing links)? The outgoing DT link shows up in the Links section of the e-mail just fine. Also when I convert the e-mail to RTF, a PDF document or a web archive - the Incoming Link is displayed.

Development would have to respond but no, links aren’t detected in imported emails.

Thanks. I would greatly appreciate if Links in e-mails would be detected. All other formats I’ve tested work (RTF, PDF, Microsoft Word etc) so not directly clear why they’re not working in e-mails.

Do you use the QuickLook-based standard view or the alternate view?

Alternative view

Only those formats (HTML, web archive, formatted notes, PDF, Markdown, plain/rich text and sheets) which can be edited in DEVONthink and support cross linking are currently scanned.

To understand: is this because of performance or other reasons? What’s interesting is that apparently Microsoft Word documents are scanned - is this because Word documents are (somewhat) similar to RTF?

Would you consider adding indexing to .eml files? Otherwise I would highly appreciate if you have a suggestion what would be the best option to create many-to-many links between items including e-mails Problems creating (many-to-many) relations using x-devonthink-item links - thanks!

Both are supported by the text engine and the same code can handle both of them.

A future release might support this.

Thanks for considering - I’ll see if it’s worth it then to invest in building a (temporary) workaround.