Inconsistency in default Smart Group sorting?

Yesterday, I dragged 86 items into a newly created database. All of them were correctly sorted by the two default Smart Groups: 84 went into “All PDF Documents” and 4 went into “All Images”.

For some reason, though, 62 of these items (58 PDFs + 4 JPEGs) are also shown unsorted in what I presume is the Inbox for this database (not the global inbox).

Why are these 62 files shown in both “locations”? (I put “locations” in quotation marks since I know they’re not physically put in a different place.)


Actually smart groups don’t sort anything, they’re just saved searches. Therefore the items remain in their original location which might be the database’s inbox but this is hard to tell without more details or screenshots.

I recommend you read the Getting Started section of the built-in Help and manual, especially the DEVONthink Simplified section.

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Thanks, guys. I’ve read the pertinent parts of the manual, have gone through the pertinent parts of MacSparky’s guide, and am reading Joe Kissel’s book.

I think my use of the word “sort” was distracting, and I’m glad you corrected my misconception.

Regardless, there was some unexplained behavior of the built-in Smart Group. I haven’t been able to replicate the behavior though I’ve created two new test databases.

If it shows up again, I’ll check in here. Thanks!

Don’t forget to read the “free” ebook (paid for by DEVONTHINKtechnklogies) on DEVONtechnologies website “take control of DEVONthink”.

rmschne, if you’re referring to Joe Kissell’s book, yes, I’m going through that. It’s helpful. Thanks.

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