Inconsistent search results / behavior

I found two odd behaviors (PDF files):

It seems the search engine has problems finding words which start at the end of one line and end at the beginning of the next line. In German this is a common thing. E.g. one line ends with the first part of the word e.g. “Nutzer-” and the second line starts with the second part of the word like “gewicht”. The ‘-’ shows the connection of the two parts. Usually the word as a whole is written “Nutzergewicht”. If I search for “Nutzergewicht” the global search and the search within the file (DTP3) does not find the expression at all. Nor does the global search in DTTG find the file. BUT if I search for “Nutzergewicht” within the file in DTTG it finds and highlights the expression without a problem.

So the question is: Could the search engine in DTP3 be improved to find expressions under such circumstances as well? Else you simply can’t find the document although it is there.

This is a DTTG thing. Hope its OK to post it here as well. The global search lists all the pdf files which match the search term. But if you tap on a pdf file, the search term is not handed over to the document search engine. So there are no highlights and you have to enter the search term again to find the spots. Why not making it easier for the users and hand it over automatically?

No promises but a future release might improve this. Right now the text is indexed as returned by the PDFkit.

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Thank you very much for consideration. I highly appreciate that. This would be a major improvement.