Inconsistent Sorter saved file format?

When I drag a favicon into a DTP folder it saves a bookmark flagged ‘unread’.

But when dragged into the Sorter it saves a webarchive with no ‘unread’ flag.

This seems inconsistent.

I generally prefer to save webarchives.

Is there an override key or a preference setting to alter the default saved file format for folders?

Thanks, Brian Liddell

You can add bookmarks to the Sorter by pressing the Command-Option modifier keys while dropping the link. Stuff dropped to an inbox should be also marked as unread. However, we’ll unify this in a future release.

Dragging a URL onto an Inbox in the Sorter creates a webarchive. This is counterintuitive – especially considering that when I drag a URL directly into DT (2.0.6) it creates a bookmark. :confused:

Regarding the Sorter, the documentation states: “For URLs dragged from a browser this creates a bookmark and does not add a web archive of the page.”

Dragging a URL into DT with or without keyboard modifiers (command; command-option) just creates a bookmark.

I believe the text that precedes what you cited from the manual fully describes the behavior:

“Command-Option-drag to add only a reference of the item to DEVONthink Pro Office
(index). For URLs dragged from a browser this creates a bookmark and does not add
a web archive of the page.”

Command-option-dragging to the Sorter creates an indexed document, unless the item being dragged is a URL. The documentation is accurate, even it one considers the behavior inconsistent. However, there is a bug in this behavior-documents (not URLs) that are command-option-dragged to the Global Inbox will still be imported. Documents dragged to other inboxes in the Sorter will be correctly indexed.

:blush: Ahem…Yes, I re-read the ENTIRE paragraph this time. My excuse is that I was very tired and misread it previously.

I noticed that one, too.

I’m a newbie to DEVONThink; so, I appreciate the kind replies and other useful info. :slight_smile:

Currently, I’m experimenting with document links. It’s not as easy to use as SOHO Notes’ “attachments,” but it does appear to be quite flexible.