Incorrect Group Item Counts

I use DT 3.6.2 on my MacBook Pro and use CloudKit sync with two iOS devices running DTTG 3.0.2 - an iPad and an iPhone.

I’m seeing that group item counts on the iOS devices are not always correct and are not the same on both devices. When I look within the groups, all of the files are there - they just appear to be counted incorrectly.

Running the “fix” utility URL command helped in all cases but one. However, simply deleting and moving files around causes the item counts to be displayed incorrectly again.

In the one case where “fix” didn’t work, the only way to resolve was to disable and delete the database on the iOS device, clean and re-sync from the Mac, and then enable and re-sync the iOS devices again.

Is there something about group item counts that I’m not understanding? Anyone else experiencing this?

Screen captures would be helpful.

I ran the fix url utility again and it repaired the counts. I’ll keep an eye on it and post back if it continues to happen.

Glad to hear it and thanks for the follow-up!