Incorrect preview of markdown using embedded html <pre> tag

I’m drafting some technical guidance documents in markdown where I’m using the embedded HTML <pre> tag (preformatted text) to format the text as fixed-width but, instead of previewing the content as fixed-width, DEVONthink is displaying it as a variable-width font.

You may be ask why not just use a fenced-code block? Since the output in question is command output, I don’t want line numbers displayed.

Has anyone else seen this issue or has a suggestion?


Include it in code. pre is just about preserving line breaks and other white space, like in poems. HTML rendered from MD uses pre and code together: pre on the whole block to preserve white space, and code on lines or part of them for further styling.

Alternatively, set a fixed-width font for pre on the CSS for your markdown.

Finally: I don’t see line numbers for fenced code blocks here. So, maybe you’re on a wild goose chase?

Could you please post the raw source of such a document? Thanks!