Increase Sync Speed


I very much appreciate the more recent updates on the Markdown editor but to get a new note from my mac to my iphone synced takes sooo long. The upload on my mac looks ok, but not fast. But then the download on my iphone it takes ages. I’m using Magentacloud via WebDAV and have a very good internet connection (min. 260 Mbit/s down, min. 35 Mbit/s up) and strong wifi 6 router and apple devices.

Compared to other note apps the sync is sooo slow… why? Even with a direct bonjour connection.

Magentacloud is not specifically supported as it is known to be unreliable.

How large is the database (number of items) containing the notes?

How’s the the available space on the iPhone? Do you have Bonjour enabled on only one device, recommend Mac to be it and is thought of as the “server”. Just seems like something odd about the iPhone. What you experience is not what I see, even with my ancient iPhone7.

Database: 32521 records in 7 databases, around 38GB in total. Over 20GB free space on my phone. Over 1,5TB free space on my mac.

What alternative cloud service do you recommend instead of Magentacloud @BLUEFROG ?

Magenta Cloud has never been fast. You might be better off using Bonjour locally or some other WebDAV provider.

I would ask if you actually need to use a remote sync option. Just having a cloud accout does not make it the optimal choice.

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