indented text in rich text edit

I fear this is super obvious, but how do I type a block of indented text into a note when I’m using rich text edit? I tried highlighting the text and then tabbing, but it deletes the text, presumably thinking I want to replace it with a tab rather than nudge it all to the right.

Use the margin settings on the ruler. First make sure the ruler is displayed using Format->Ruler->Show Ruler (command+shift+r). You’ll see a T-shaped icon stacked on top of a downward-pointing triangle, most likely all the way to the left on the ruler. The T controls the margin for the first line of a paragraph. The triangle controls the margin for subsequent lines. There is a second triangle on the right side that controls the right-hand margin.

If you select an area of text and change the margins, it will be applied to only that part of the text. This way you can have some parts of the document with little to no margin, with other parts indented much further. I use this technique to visually distinguish quoted passages from my own writing.

Here’s a little video that demonstrates it.

Excellent - thank you!