Index cloud -- odrive, Amazon web drive

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So I’m moving all of my local, external and cloud files into Amazon web drive using odrive. Once that’s done (in, like, a couple of weeks of upload time), I’d love it if I could index the whole thing back to DT.

Odrive keeps local file dummies which don’t contain anything except the name, and those should be indexable. But, naturally, things would only get really helpful if DT could index the actual contents of the files stored in AWD.

Bonus complication: I’m looking to have it all stored in odrive’s encrypted folder.

I’m assuming that this isn’t possible, but thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask, anyway…

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If the placeholder files can be opened, previewed (e.g. with Quick Look) and edited like regular files, then DEVONthink should be also able to index them. But if you have to download them on your own first, then it’s not going to work.

I would suggest to test this using few files before you’re going to upload your data for weeks :slight_smile:

Thank you, Christian :slight_smile:

The core thing is that indexing via DT is only helpful if the actual file contents are indexed. That can’t really happen locally, afaik, because that would mean that the whole file would necessarily have to be downloaded – right? Even if I did it like that, once the file becomes un-synced locally and is returned to placeholder state, the local index would update to contain the new (lack of) of information.

So – is indexing remote (cloud) storage locations something that’s on the development agenda?

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We advocate relying on local resources (which still prove to be more robust and reliable than files stored only on the cloud).

Remember this: The likelihood of you having network issues is absolutely more likely than a hardware failure. Watch what happens when your WiFi or network goes down versus my setup with local data :mrgreen:

Thanks, Jim. This is what’s best for my use case, though. So the answer is – no indexing of cloud drives etc. is planned?

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What’s your use case?

And no, there’s no plans that I’m aware of (though Christian may weigh in on this as well).