Index Feature - looking inside packages...

Is there any way to do this - get Devon to index a single file, but be able to look at the contents of that file’s package?

If I understood your question correctly, yes.

Select the item and Control-click (right click). Choose the contextual menu item, ‘Show in Finder’. In the resulting Finder window, Control-click on the selected item and choose the contextual menu item, ‘Show Package Contents’.

Hi Bill -

Thanks for your reply; my question was less-than-clear. What I would like to do is have Devon - within Devon - treat a file that I add to the database via indexing as a folder (as an example, I’d choose the “Index” command in DT’s file menu; I’d select a single file - let’s call it file.ext - which would then appear (for example) in the file/folder list of the three-pane view, with the “arrow pointer” icon next to it to show that it is an indexed file, rather than an imported one. But it would act like a folder - double clicking it would reveal the package contents in Devon, just as if it were a “real” folder (I guess this would have to be optional, since some files I’d want to launch.) In column view, the behavior would be to click on the file and have the package clicking on this file would therefore show the package contents in the next column over.

Did I make that even more muddled? :smiley:

Thanks in advance.