Index groups and replacing hard drives

Need some advice about index groups and replacing hard drives.

My database has a number of indexed groups, which are all linked to folders on an external hard drive (call it “WorkDrive”). I am replacing that hard drive, cloning all of its content to a new drive.

  1. If the new drive has a new name (e.g. “WorkDrive2”), is there a way to have the indexed groups transfer to the new drive?
  2. Or, if I instead kept the same name for the new drive name (and remove the old one), will the indexing transfer to the new location?

I find the best way to do this is to first import (move into database) all the indexed files. Then quit DEVONthink and switch to your new drive. Back in DEVONthink, export those recently imported folders to the new drive. Index them, and then when you are satisfied that all is well, delete the previously imported folders & files. Empty the DEVONthink trash and the macOS trash,.

There’s probably other shorter ways, but I like this method because I can explicitly see all the results of all my decisions and the actions the software takes, and therefore be sure my data is safe and all accounted for.

Thanks. Sounds like a secure method, but in my case I’d rather not import these folders into the database — they are in specific locations on the hard drive where I need them for other uses. What I’m hoping for the ability to point the index to a new location, similar to Lightroom’s “Update Folder Location” that lets you tell the database that a photo has moved to a new location.

Related to this: I created a smart group to find all of my indexed folders (kind = group, item = indexed), but this finds all the groups, including all the subfolders within. Is there a simple way to find just highest-level groups?

Finally went through and manually found and replaces all indexed folders with their new location. Luckily I don’t use indexed groups much.

It’d be great if there was a simpler way to help resolve when indexed groups are missing/moved/offline:

  • command to list all missing indexed items
  • option to mount drive they are located on, or link it to another location

File > Verify & Repair Database… lists them in the Log panel.

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