Index iCloud

Would be useful if DEVONsphere Express indexed iCloud documents – especially on 10.8

If you add the Mobile Documents folder under your user Library folder to the DEVONthink Express’ Location preferences, it contains all the iCloud documents.

I added my iCloud Drive folder to locations but somehow DEVONsphere only finds iCloud documents that are also downloaded to my Mac. Is there a way that DEVONsphere also finds those that are not downloaded like Spotlight does?

No, this isn’t supported currently.

I absolutely love what ya’ll are doing at DEVONtechnologies, but it’s dross like this that completely turns me off to DEVON’s products sometimes.

:white_check_mark: Esoteric feature based on propriety AI that 10% of the user base knows about, and even less use
:x: Built-in OS-level functionality that every other app out there supports

I’ve such a love-hate relationship with DEVON at this point that I might want to seek out support from a therapist.

You are responding to a thread that is close to 9 years old. A thread whose topic has nothing to do, on the surface, with either “proprietary AI” or any features that are available in macOS.

What are the details of your complaint? What "esoteric feature’ and “built-in OS-level functionality” are you referring to?