Index WordPerfect file

I have a large quantity of wordperfect files I am bringing over from my PC. Is there a plugin that I can install to have Devonsphere Express index those files?


There are third-party extensions for Spotlight and Quick Look:

After installing them, DEVONsphere Express (and DEVONthink) should be able to index (and maybe preview) WordPerfect files.

Thanks. It looks like, from the documentation, that it does not support wpd files made from editions later than WP11. But, I’ll give it a go later today.

Does this mean that any Spotlight plugin is incorporated in Devonsphere Express automatically?

Yes, DEVONsphere Express is using third-party Spotlight plug-ins too.

How do I get Devonthink Pro Office (version 2.5.2) to use this Spotlight extension. I have the extension installed on my Mac (running OS 10.8.2), and Spotlight is using it and indexing wpd documents. But Devonthink Pro Office is not, and I don’t see a way of forcing it to use the extension.

Thanks for any help.

DEVONthink uses its own but limited support for WordPerfect documents. Could you please send an example to Thanks in advance!