Indexed Dropbox Folder not updating


I have an indexed Dropbox folder which works fine in DT3 the first time I index it (File…Index Files and Folders)

When I add a new item to the Dropbox folder, the new item does not appear in DT3

If I delete the DT3 Group for the indexed folder and then re-create it, the recently added items are now there… but again, no additional items are listed when I add more to Dropbox

If I go to File…Update Indexed items, that still does not update the indexed items in DT3

Am I misunderstanding how an indexed folder is supposed to work?

No, you’re not misunderstanding how it’s supposed to work.

If you index the folder into a new database, does the problem persist?

Interesting… I indexed the same folder into a new database. At first it worked and recognized all of the current items. Then I added two items and while the newest two items appeared, only their metadata appeared initially. I got a message saying “file not downloaded yet” if I tried to view the item. Then about 5 minutes later the download completed.

So on the 2nd database, so far it works but with some delays.

The first database still is not updating at all.

Then about 5 minutes later the download completed.

That is about the interval sync runs on, and the ““file not downloaded yet”” message is a sync message.

Do you have indexed files in the Trash of the first database?

Yes there were indexed files in the Trash in the first database. I emptied the trash and it worked instantly.


Can you explain why those items in the trash caused the problem?

Because the Trash is just another location in a database and the references of the files already existed, This is known and expected behavior.

After emptying the database’s Trash, did you look at the indexed folder in the Finder and is everything working as expected now?

I’m somewhat baffled. What is the takeaway from this discussion? If one uses indexed files and they put in the Trash, that Trash should be emptied right away, on a schedule, or on quitting, or something else?

If you put an indexed item into the trash and then decide you want it back in the indexed group, your options are either (1) remove the item from the trash so it goes back to the indexed group; or (2) Empty the trash and THEN re-index the item from its original source.

As long as the item is in the trash, efforts to re-index it from the original source will not be effective (because the item ostensibly is already indexed but also marked as in the trash).

If you put an indexed item in the trash and do not want to put it back into the original group, then carry on as usual - new and unrelated items will continue to be indexed automatically as you would expect.