Indexed File has incorrect "Creation Date"

Symptom: Audio File indexed in Devon has an incorrect creation date

I have a number of audio files, created on an Olympus VP-10, that were created on 1st May 2020. 5/1/2020.
Looking at the files in the Finder they show the correct file creation date.

I indexed this set of files into Devon and the creation date shows as 12/31/03.

I’ve attempted to update the indexing a couple of times but the dates shown in Devon remained unchanged.

To further confuse me about this problem I have other audio files, created on the same date and with the same device also indexed , that show the correct creation date in Devon.

Any suggestions as to the possible cause of the problem?


What kind of audio files did you index? And which version of DEVONthink & macOS do you use?

Apologies, yes I should have included the parameters:

Audio files - mp3
DevonthinkPro 3.0.4 (By the way if you click in the info/splash panel to copy the version # the panel closes)
OS X 10.15.4


Could you zip such MP3 files and send the archive to cgrunenberg - at - Thank you.