Indexed Files and Folders (from external source)

I didn’t want to hijack a previous thread but following up on this discussion: /database-with-external-files-indexed-creating-files-in-external-file-system/53571

My use case is that I use DT to scan my documents as I’ve found the scanner application to be more versatile. This means that those files are placed in the database, so does this mean that each time I need to “move it” to the external source?

I’m using DT3.xx

That depends on the location you’re scanning to. If you’re scanning to an indexed group, the file should be deconsolidated to the Finder automatically.

I scan it to the Global Inbox and then move it to an indexed group. Would that scenario prevent the behavior I’m hoping to achieve?

No. Moving a file into an indexed group should also deconsolidate it to the Finder.