Indexed folder & Dropbox syncing


I’m having some trouble with Dropbox syncing of a database with indexed folders. Here’s the setup:

  • DT database has one indexed folder in it. DT database is synced via dropbox (using the DT sync) between 2 macs.
  • Indexed folder is my nvalt note folder and is in my dropbox sync folder on the file system.

What sometimes happens is that I open DT, the automatic dropbox sync starts, I click the indexed folder, which automatically updates to the newest files, but the then DT sync completes, overwriting the indexed files with the sync store.

In other words, if I close a DT database on day X, edit several notes in nvalt which sync via dropbox, then open DT on day X+5, the notes in the indexed folder in DT are out of date, but are overwriting the more recent edits when the DT sync completes.

I’ve found that if I am careful to not click the indexed folder so that it doesn’t update until after the DT sync completes, then I don’t run into problems.

Is there a setting I can set to avoid having to be careful? Or is this just a complication of the double-dropbox setup I’m using?