Syncing - disable "forwarding" of indexed files


I have a few databases where I index PDF files that I keep outside the DTP database, because they are part of a different program’s database (in particular Mekentosj Papers). I have read that the dropbox-based sync is designed to also sync across indexed files. I worry that sync’ing (by DTP) of files within the other program’s database file and folder structure will cause problems. So, I don’t really want to have DTP try to mess with the indexed PDF files that are outside of the DTP database. At the same time, being able to use the dropbox-based sync of this database seems very nice.

(It also sounds like it should/could be fast, in particular if it does not have to deal with multi-GB of indexed PDFs. In earlier tests, long ago, the sync seemed slow and took lots of file xfers, which I eventually traced to the sync’ing of the indexed external files, much to my surprise)

Has anyone dealt with this issue in some way? Is it possible to turn off the syncing of the files that are outside of the DTP database? Any suggestions, tips or workarounds?

(To clarify: I can live with DTP ending up with missing indexed files. )


No, you cannot turn this off. Note…

  1. The Sync will push to relative locations on the receiving machine. This is a good thing, especially if you are using other apps with this data. This way, the app on both machines are pointing to the same local (but relatively located) data.

  2. Don’t use Dropbox as a Sync location for your database, just because you have a Dropbox account. In many situations a local syncStore is a better choice and is faster, more reliable, and under your control (cloud services are not - nor are they under ours).

Just some things to thing about.

Thanks for the very quick reply.

I guess the local syncstore (or any of the sync methods) will have the same behavior? I.e. will also sync files external to the DTP database?

BTW - an example of the kind of issues I worry about: