Indexed Folders and Inbox suddenly don’t update automatically anymore

For some time, maybe since a recent update but I’m not sure, the Indexed Folders and the Inbox suddenly don’t update automatically anymore.

More precisely, if I copy a file to an Indexed Folder with the Finder, the folder only appears in DTP if I manually make a File > Update Indexed Items. To update the Inbox, I have to quit and restart DTP.

Nevertheless it works sometimes, and then suddenly in the middle of the day the new files don’t appear in DTP anymore without manual intervention.

Any idea what’s going on?

Where is the indexed folder in the Finder?

Here are some screenshots:

  1. The Inbox displayed in DTP with the indexed folder Incoming_ix1500 which doesn’t display any number, on the right of the line, to indicate that it contains a file.
  2. The indexed folder Incoming_ix1500 from the Finder: in reality it contains the file Scan_0001.pdf.
  3. The Inbox folder displayed from the Finder with a LeTemps_e… file.

Regularly the Inbox and the indexed folder update themselves correctly in DTP, but sometimes (well, quite often!), during the day, they don’t update anymore. I then have to manually launch an Update Indexed Items on Incoming_ix1500 to update it, and quit and restart DTP to update the Inbox display.

As you can see, the Indexed Folder Incoming_ix1500 is located in Macintosh HD/Users/claudevolery

Thanks for the info. We’ll look into this.

Does this happen after e.g. certain action(s)? Does File > Update Indexed Items always work in these cases or sometimes fail too? And finally, was anything logged to Window > Log? Thank you!

  • Do you have this folder indexed into more than one database?
  • Do you have items in the database’s trash?
  1. I have not noticed that this happens after a specific action on my part.
  2. Yes, File > Update Indexed Items always works. Same if I quit and restart DTP, it always refreshes the Inbox display.
  3. I’ll check next time if there is something in Window > Log and keep you informed!
  1. No, this folder is indexed in 1 database only
  2. Because it happens from time to time, I can’t tell you if there are systematically files in the trash or not. I will check from now on.

Great, thank you!