Indexed Markdown documents show as Kind 'text document' on Mac M1

I have just upgraded to a Mac Studio with M1 Max chip and noticed a strange issue in which all Markdown documents indexed to DEVONthink 3.8.3 unexpectedly show as Kind ‘text document’ in the Inspector. The very same documents indexed to DEVONthink on an Intel iMac show as Kind ‘Markdown Source File’ as expected.

A Smart Search on the Mac Studio with criterion ‘Kind is Markdown’ shows all these documents with Kind ‘text document’, but they behave as Markdown documents with preview, edit and side-by-side panes.

A Smart Search with criterion ‘Kind is Plain Text’ shows all the true plain text documents, as well as a handful of others with Kind ‘text document’ that are not the indexed Markdown documents above, but appear to be some CSS files.

Is this an M1-related bug?


What are you using for a system default Markdown editor on the new Mac?

I don’t have a system default editor for Markdown on the new Mac. At the moment if I want to render a Markdown file outside of DEVONthink then I use Marked to preview it. I had Markdown Pro and Multimarkdown Composer on the old Mac.

Interesting that if I do a Get Into on the markdown files in Finder then it also shows Kind as ‘text document’ (all lower case), even though they are plain text files albeit with a .md extension.

That is the correct behavior. You need to set a default app for the Markdown file type. I’d install MultiMarkdown Composer.

Many thanks Jim - I’ve installed MultiMarkdown Composer and after a restart everything is now as is it should be.

You’re welcome :slight_smile: