Indexed OneDrive

Hello. I have a huge database of client files on a OneDrive folder, and I just created a database of these indexed files so I could more easily search and view them.

I would like for both my iMac and my MacBook Pro to be able to use this “window” view to these files, but I’m thinking this is NOT a good use case for database syncing, as even though the files are indexed, they reside on a cloud drive.

Is my assumption correct? If so, do I just create two disconnected index-based databases, one on each machine?


If all you are doing is viewing the files on different machines, and everything in the database is indexed, I wouldn’t bother with sync. As you said, make a database on each machine and index your OneDrive files in each.

Are you planning on reorganizing the files as you work with them – change their locations / hierarchy in OneDrive?

90% of the time I will be using DTPO as a file viewer, an maybe editing files. About 10% of the time I need to create a new sub directory. Does that change your recommendation?


Nope. If you make an subdirectory of an indexed folder all you need to do is refresh the index and the subdirectory will be indexed too. There are other ins and outs of indexing you might be interested in, and I encourage you to look for @Greg_Jones’ various postings here on “indexing

Thanks korm, that’s really helpful.

One related question: I’d love to have this “window view” into indexed files on my iOS devices, but it sounds like, in order to do that, I’d have to create a sync store which would copy all the indexed files. Is that right?

Thanks again.

You could, which would be a lot of shuffling around of indexed data.

Or, just use the OneDrive app on iOS? Definitely not as functional at DTTG2. But already has a view to your files.

Yep, I am currently using OneDrive on iOS. Not my favorite app, but that’s a first-world problem.