indexed, openmeta and files


How does synchronization on an database indexed works?

I am currently using DT with the files within the database, but I will like to migrate these files to a regular folder, with the intention of interacting with these files with things like Tags, Hazel, among others, in terms of marking, renaming and manipulating files through additional applications besides DT.

I have tested a bit in tagging files within DT (within the indexed database), and I do observe that these metadata is reflected in outside apps such as Tags from CaseApps through its browser. The thing is that in some occasions removing these tags doesn’t seems to update itself right away.

In addition, doing things like deleting a file inside DT from the indexed database, doesn’t seem to remove the file from the folder in the Finder. For example if I hit synchronize it may bring back the file which I already “deleted” or “moved all instances to trash”.

Resuming how should I properly manage what I explained above, of trying to use my files within DT (indexed) and also manipulate these externally, trying to accomplish that there be a synchrony within the files as located or presented in both scenarios (DT and in the Finder while interacting with other apps).

Does DT synchronizes itself everytime a database is opened?
Will there be anything wrong in hitting the manually synchronize regularly?
Which may be the issues that could occur if trying to use DT in this manner (e.g. sharing the files through other apps such as Notational Velocity, etc. in terms of interaction, Finder, etc.)


Just empty the trash and choose “Files” or “Files & Folders” in the alert.

No. However, this can be automated using a script. See viewtopic.php?f=20&t=12601


Thanks Christian,

I have used the synchronize script now in my top level folder which I have indexed, and it works great in keeping in sync changes or looking into my external folder to see if anything new has been added.

I have also tested the Trash wherein it prompts to delete from the database (reference), file or file and folder. Works as expected as well.

[b]Is it possible to create a script for the Trash “folder” for it to prompt the actions menu, lets say before DT quits, that way I can make sure that my DT database and external folder remains timely in sync??

I also tried in dropping a file lets say from my Desktop into my DT database, but I notice that it won’t place that file into the external folder that is being indexed. Is it possible to accomplish this? — If this is possible, I could then simply just chose to work inside DT or from the Finder by accessing my external indexed Folder directly, in terms of dropping new files.

Unfortunately, I am also noticing that if I move files inside DT within the Indexed folder, (within internal subfolders), they do move inside DT, but apparently these changes aren’t taking effect at the Finder/OS Folder structure. Are there any workaround for this?[/b]

Am I asking too much for DT? I will really like to use DT as my front end to manage certain files/folders and be able to use its extended functionality, but its seem that it may be limited for this in terms of indexed files.


That’s not possible.

Just use the “Move to external folder” command (see contextual/action menus) to move stuff added to or created in indexed groups to the referenced folders in the filesystem.

I wonder also a thing with this openmeta.

I use a database that I have indexed data too and I haven’t that source available earlier (volume that I get the indexed data from) and I have add lot’s and lot’s of openmeta tags in this indexed database.
When I use Leap I can’t see this openmeta tags I can see in Dentonthink, so my question is:

is it possible to transfer openmeta tags from the indexed database (that hasn’t been reflected in finder) to the files outside in finder and get this updated, so I can see the changes in Leap?
If so, can I use a script to fix this?