Indexing a folder which resides in Dropbox folder

maybe this question has been answered before but couldn´t find it in the forum: I share a folder for a collaborative project in dropbox but I’d like to have it indexed in DTPO, could indexing cause problems to the contents of the folder in dropbox?
Nestor :wink:

I’ve done it myself, for myself only, with text files and I have not had any issues. However, I would expect that in a collaborative environment there would be the potential for lost/corrupted data if multiple users are accessing and editing the same documents at the same time.

Yes that is what I was thinking. However accessing/editing documents (not indexed in DTPO) doesn’t cause problems in Dropbox: I mean, at present we’re using dropbox trying to avoid cross-access to the same documents but sometimes has occurred and the worst issue we had was that the second user of the file couldn’t save the file. Anyhow I’ll try it maybe locking the files (in this case I would use DTPO only as a repository, not for editing)