Indexing a Scrivener Package

I’d really like the ability to index (or import) a Scrivener package. I’d love to be able to use Devonthink’s search abilities on my Scrivener project.

(Or maybe there’s a secret to indexing Scrivener packages? A secret I’m missing?)


Indexing the .scriv package results in an unknown file type. Viewing the contents of the .scriv package (show package contents) and dragging those contents into a DTP window result in most of the information/files intact.

I just tried this and briefly viewed a few rtfd files and a movie contained in my scrivener project.

You could probably create a smart folder that exported all of your scrivener’s bundle’s files to an external folder, which would import to DTP.

IRRC, file changes would be one way, from scrivener to DTP.

Food for thought but there are probably easier ways to do this.