Indexing and Syncing question


I’m primarily a DTTG user and am quite new to DT.

I have configured DT to index a folder and sync it to iCloud Drive to make it available to DTTG.

My question is must I re-index the folder before I sync or will syncing pick up any changes on it’s own?


Where is the indexed folder in the Finder?

Have you read the Help > Documentation > In & Out > Importing & Indexing section?

Am I assuming right that your setup was encouraged by my 1Writer workflow I mentioned in the DTTG and Files integration thread?

If so I have to add that I use 1Writer and DTTG primarily to get stuff into DEVONthink on the Mac. I have never centered my work around DTTG. This might change at least a bit though because DTTG 3, including its way more reliable CloudKit sync, might actually, as someone has put it in these forums, be a game changer for me too.

Anyhow, I have never used the combination of 1Writer and the DT products in full circle like: 1Writer on iPhone/iPad → iCloud Drive folder → indexed by DT on the Mac → synced to DTTG on (the same) iPhone/iPad.

Thanks, I’ll take a look at the docs.

Yes - but it’s far more complicated than that :wink:

I have a PC where I have an Obsidian vault. The only way to get the markdown in/out of the PC is via git.

I have a Mac where I can spin up a git server (gitblit) for the PC to sync files with.

I check out the changes on the Mac into a folder that’s indexed by DT and that syncs to iCloud where my iPad and iPhone can see it all.

The Mac is the place where I periodically integrate changes from the two worlds with git (Atlassian source tree).

So far it all works surprisingly well.

The indexed folder is my personal Documents folder (which isn’t synced to iCloud).

I’ve found the documents you mentioned and done some experiments now. Making changes to files directly on the file system does seem to cause them to be synced quickly to my iOS devices, but they sync with DT via Bonjour and iCloud Drive so I don’t know which route it took :grinning:

Okay. That’s working as expected then. If you were indexing in a cloud-synced location, you may need to use File > Updated Indexed Items to force an update.

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