Indexing by Cmd-Opt-drag

I’ve been trying to use Cmd-Opt-drag to index a file and don’t seem to be able to make it work unless I drag the file into an already-indexed group. That is, Cmd-Opt-dragging a file into the root of the database, or into an empty unindexed group, just imports the file. However, if I add an indexed file to the group using File > Index Files and Folders, then I can add another indexed file with Cmd-Opt-drag. Is this expected behavior?

Where did you actually drop the file? Onto the Dock icon, DEVONthink’s window (main view or sidebar?) or the Sorter?

I tried the Dock icon, and the DT window (into the item list). I don’t think I tried the sidebar, and I haven’t used the Sorter at all.

Actually the destination shouldn’t make a difference. Do you press the Cmd-Opt modifier keys all the time? Does File > Index… fail too?

I think I may have discovered the source of the problem. I have been using the Mac OS Accessibility feature enabling three-finger dragging on the trackpad. It appears that this type of dragging does not work reliably for Cmd-Opt-drag. I plugged in a mouse and using it to drag the files, Cmd-Opt-drag now works. So it seems to be a MacOS issue, not a DT3 issue.