Indexing changes to image

I have a database created. I used GraphConverter to change IPTC field.
I use the search to search for information entered and DT can not find it.

I tried Update Indexed Items but that did not help but maybe I am doing it wrong?

How do I get this to be indexed in DevonThink.

If I delete the database and recreate it the above changes get input to the database and I can do a search and find them.

I am pretty new at this. I am using DT version 2.9.1 MacOS 12.4.


This thread may be of interest—although do bear in mind it relates to DT3 rather than DT2.


Thanks Stephen

I guess my main question is once you create a database how do you update it without having to recreate it or type it into the database using the get info option?


Sorry, I’m finding your post somewhat difficult to understand. What I think you are saying is that you:

  • have a database
  • the database contains a photo
  • you change the metadata of that photo using an external app
  • DT does not update its search index to include the changes to the metadata

If I understand you correctly, then you are saying that the photo is indexed (i.e. stored outside the database) rather than imported.

I have just tried to recreate the situation I think you are describing; on adding a keyword to the metadata of an indexed photo using Preview, that change is instantly reflected in DT3; search finds that photo based on a search for the keyword.

I cannot comment in DT2, other than to say that it is long out of development, and that you would probably be best advised to update to DT3. Perhaps you could test just adding a keyword using Preview as I have done - just to see whether my test is a suitable representation of what you have done.

At least in DT3 indexed items are generally updated automatically; as you have mentioned, though, there is an option to manually update indexed items. I don’t know whether @BLUEFROG may be able to comment on whether that mechanism perhaps does not update photo metadata when using DT2. In any case, it should not be necessary to recreate the whole database; re-indexing the photo by moving it out of and back into the indexed folder should be sufficient (but again, I never used DT2, so can only make suggestions based on my experience with DT3).

Blanc You are right about my question being difficult understanding I am new at the vocabulary.

You are right in your assumptions. Here is what the Preview shows under the IPTC. It shows the IPTC data in the image. I have tried the update indexed items and it dose not help. But again if i delete the database and recreate it the IPTC data now shows up in the search.

Yes I should update but I had this version and have never used it but decided to try it. The update is over $100 so I want to make sure DT 3 works before I spend the money. Can I have both DT 3 trial and DT2 installed at the same time?

Just to test: could you please add a keyword to the image using Preview, and see if DT notices that change (i.e. whether search finds that keyword)?

To the best of my knowledge you can have DT2 and DT3 installed on the same Mac; I would recommend against using your DT2 databases for testing DT3; set up a test database on DT3, and don’t open any of the DT2 databases with DT3 until you are ready to finally upgrade. To be safe, I’d only have DT2 or DT3 open at any one time. Note that whilst the trial period is generous, you can run down the clock quickly if you leave DT3 open whilst you are not using it (e.g. over night).

Oh, and worth checking: are you opening the image using GraphConverter from inside DT (i.e. using the Open with… entry from the context menu) or from Finder? If from Finder, try from DT, not sure whether that might make a difference.

Yes, while this is technically possible we generally don’t suggest having 2 and 3 in the same account, on the same machine.

And a further update: DT3 does not appear to index all IPTC metadata; I’m adding such metadata using Affinity Photo. On doing so, DT3 immediately realises that the file has changed; those IPTC entries which are indexed (in my - incomplete - testing only Caption/Description and Headline) are updated immediately (i.e. when I search for the entires in DT, search throws up the appropriate photo).

Perhaps @bluefrog or @cgrunenberg could comment on what IPTC data is included in the index

And one last point: in the past few years, DEVONtech have participated in both the SummerFest and WinterFest (; whilst I’ve found no dates advertised for a SummerFest 2022, in years gone by the SommerFest generally started towards the end of June and ended towards the end of July, I think. DT have offered 25 % discounts in the past; as far as I can remember, those discounts were good for upgrades, too.


That seemed to fix the problem.

I opened the image with in DT and selected GraphicConverter from within DT and it the IPTC data came up blank. So I entered the data and it immediately updated DT.

So Thanks lot. I will watch for the SummerFest and if I can get a 25% discount I will update.


Most of the indexed data (e.g. keywords, title, author etc.) is visible in the Document > Properties inspector. Stuff like camera settings, date or time are not used.